Efficient, reliable, and thorough snow management for your property

Looking for help with your snow removal and winter property maintenance?

Commercial Snow Removal and Ice Management

Keep your property safe and accessible for residents or visitors during the long Canadian winters, with reliable snow and ice management from our team in Guelph.

Winter can create a number of problems for property owners, from snow creating problems for drivers to slippery sidewalks that pose a danger to pedestrians. You want to be sure that your condo complex or business continues to operate throughout the winter months, so you don’t upset residents or lose customers in the process.

Find out what’s included in our snow removal services below or request a winter maintenance package today.

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Snow Ploughing

Our fleet of snow ploughs provide a reliable service that will keep your property clear during the winter months. Our team will regularly check on your property during periods of heavy snowfalls, ensuring snow build-up stays to a minimum and removing drifts left by the city plough.

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Sidewalk Clearing

Top-of-the-line sidewalk tractors and other equipment make clearing your sidewalks efficient and thorough. Make sure pedestrians always have access to your place of business, and that guests or employees are not forced to wade through the snow.

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Complete salting of sidewalks and roadways is crucial to preventing ice buildup and avoiding vehicle accidents or slips and falls. As a property manager, it is important to salt both roadways and sidewalks to decrease your liability and reduce the risk of potential injury on your property. Make sure it’s being done properly with a complete maintenance plan.

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24/7 Ice Patrol

During the winter months, the team at Nu Image operates a 24/7 ice patrol service monitoring our properties for snow and ice buildup, in order to determine what sites will need management. It’s one of the ways that we go an extra step to keep your property fully-maintained in the winter.

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Additional Services

If you are looking for assistance with a specific task for your property, we do offer the following additional services to businesses in the Guelph area.

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Snow Hauling

Running out of space for snow that you’ve cleared from your property?

We offer snow hauling services to move excess snow off-site. Our team can provide equipment to load and transport snow and ice that has accumulated on your property.

Ask our team for an estimate for snow hauling today

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Do you have a privately maintained property with its own ploughing equipment?

If you’re just looking for salting for your roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks, our team can provide this as a one-off service.

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