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What is Design Build Landscaping?

A design build process is where one company will provide both the design and installation services for a project.

At Nu Image, we pride ourselves in being experts at everything exterior. Whatever you want to do to the outside of your property, our designers and horticulturalists will work with you to ensure all the right decisions are made for your new landscape.

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Project Efficiency & Accountability

By taking on both the design and build aspects of the project, we are able to properly manage the time and resources from start to finish. We assign a dedicated and highly experienced project manger to implement your vision for your property and ensure the project stays on time and on budget.

We are able to look at the project from a higher level and identify critical areas that will require special attention. Significant time is saved during our process because we don’t contract out to other vendors, meaning we don’t have to spend time re-educating independent contractors on the specifics of the project.

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Reduced Cost & Administration

By using our design build landscaping services, you take the journey with us through planning, design, and development. Our design build clients will experience fewer surprises, deviation from scope, or changes from original planning. This helps you keep your project on budget and your design as originally planned.

We help you keep it simple by reducing the need to communicate with multiple vendors and contractors. Your dedicated project manager will be your point of contact, there to assist with any questions throughout the duration of the project.

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Our Design Build Process

At Nu Image, our design build landscaping process starts with a visit from one of our certified horticulturalists. Our specialist will visit your location to listen to your ideas, assess your property, and determine factors like sun exposure and soil quality.

After the initial assessment, we’ll provide you with a free estimate for your design build landscaping project. If you decide to move forward with the work, our team will draw up a detailed design and a construction plan for your new landscape build.

During the construction, our team will be with you from start to finish. We will review the project with you upfront to ensure that the details are correct and to your specifications. We will also supply and install all the materials, before using commercial-grade equipment to provide a completed landscape of the highest quality.

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