Commercial Lawn Care in Guelph

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Our Lawn Care Services

Ensure that your property creates a great first impression for clients, business partners, and other visitors with our professional lawn care services in Guelph.

At Nu Image, our high standards for quality set us apart from our competitors. Our experienced team uses commercial-grade equipment to deliver weed-free lawns, with careful edging and directional cutting, and beautiful gardens that are designed to augment curb appeal.

Learn more about what helps create a professionally-maintained lawn:

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Aerating & Fertilizing

Aerating and fertilizing can be very important for the health of a lawn, especially after a long winter or a dry summer.

Aeration helps the lawn absorb water and other nutrients more easily, while fertilizer gives it the energy to grow lush and green. Make sure that your lawn is in top condition with expert horticultural care from our team.

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Directional Cutting

Have you seen those lawns or sports fields with distinctive striped patterns?

This distinctive look is achieved using a technique called ‘directional cutting’ or ‘striping’. Directional cutting is one of the many ways that our team goes an extra step to deliver a lawn that stands out from other businesses.

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Edging & Pruning

Distinct borders between lawns, garden beds, and hedges make a huge difference in the professional appearance of a property. Our team uses top-of-the-line equipment to provide careful edging for lawns and detailed pruning for hedges, trees, and shrubs.

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Garden Maintenance

Keep your gardens healthy, weed-free, and thriving with expert care from our team. Our team can provide watering, mulching, pruning, and more to keep your plants in great condition. Make sure that the quality of your garden reflects the quality of your business.

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Seasonal Cleaning

Fall and spring can be demanding times of year for a lawn or a garden.

At Nu Image, we provide biannual cleaning to remove debris, repair winter damage, and re-plant or re-sod if necessary. Make sure you’re ready for the change of seasons with expert assistance from our maintenance team in Guelph.

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