A New Era at Nu Image

Celebrating a new era for Nu Image!

The ‘i’s are dotted, the ‘t’s are crossed and Richard Dobson is officially the new owner of Nu Image Property Maintenance & Snow Removal Inc.

The company’s founder, Doug Seager has retired — he swears it’s for good this time — and is packing up his family and moving to Prince Edward Island.

“When Doug started talking about retiring, I saw an opportunity to grow the business,” said Richard. “We talked about it for a long time and I gave it some hard thought. But Nu Image is a long-standing business with a reputation for providing excellent service. I think it’s a good fit for me.”

The new owner of Nu Image is Richard Dobson

Richard Dobson in his office

Richard began as a branch manager for Nu Image about eight years ago, providing lawn cutting, garden maintenance, and snow removal services to a growing list of clients.

“Richard is very capable and gives excellent customer service,” said Doug. “He’s skilled in team-building and motivates his staff. I think Nu Image is in excellent hands.”

Doug started the company in October 1995 as a lawn treatment company and quickly expanded into year round property maintenance. In the past 24 years, he’s seen the company grow into a well-respected, full-service company that provides lawn and garden care and snow removal services to a variety of clients including malls, townhouse and condo complexes, private residences, offices, commercial and industrial sites.

“I’d like to thank the staff, clients, and suppliers for making this company a success,” Doug said. “These are relationships I will miss.”

Richard plans to expand the scope of services Nu Image provides over time. The company already does hardscaping and concrete work, landscape design and installation, line painting and sweeping services in parking lots, in addition to maintenance services.

While the changes are exciting, a lot will stay the same, including Carolyn and Deanne in the office to answer your calls, Janet overseeing the gardening crews and landscaping projects, and Jason in the construction end of things.

Clients can rest assured that the folks you have come to know on-site are sticking around, and Richard, of course, remains accessible too.

“We have a new energy and a new focus at Nu Image,” Richard said. “But I know it will be a smooth transition.”

  • Doug Seager

    I am very excited that Richard is taking over Nu Image. I know he is most capable and has a great team behind him. It is my wish and hope that he will enjoy the continued relationships with both Clients and Supplier that have been developed over the years. I want to Thank all the staff at Nu Image for their support over the past few year as I transitioned to full retirement. I will be watching with excitement as the group moves forward with anew Vigor and enthusiasm. Wishing you all Success

    Doug Seager

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